Etiquette & Dress Code

Avondale Golf Club has a policy regarding standard of dress, applicable to all persons using the Club, whether they are members of Avondale or otherwise, for the purpose of playing golf or acting as officials or caddies.

Ladies and Gentlemen shall be suitably attired on the Course, in the Clubhouse and throughout the Car Park. A smart and neat standard of casual wear is expected.

Dress Code Brochure



  • Skirts, skorts, tailored shorts & dresses are acceptable as long as they are NO shorter than mid-thigh. Tailored pants of any length are also acceptable.
  • Shirts can be worn with or without collars but if worn without collars they must have a banded neck line.
  • Closed toe golf shoes and socks are to be worn on the course. Girls under the age of 16 years are permitted to wear smart sports shoes as a substitute for golf shoes.
  • Any clothing purchased from the Avondale Pro Shop is deemed as acceptable and in keeping with the standards of the Club.


  • Denim of any kind
  • Cargo shorts/pants
  • T Shirts or singlet tops
  • Tracksuits, leggings, stirrup pants, cycling shorts, beach-style clothing
  • Thongs or joggers. Boys and girls under the age of 16 years are permitted to wear smart sports shoes.



  • Tailored long trousers or shorts. Shorts are to be just above knee length
  • Collared shirts with sleeves
  • Short socks must be predominantly white, with / without the Avondale logo or another club logo, and visible above the shoe.
  • Boat shoes without socks may be worn in the Clubhouse but are not acceptable for formal functions.
  • Hats, caps and visors are acceptable on the course, in the locker room and in the Pro Shop only.


  • Jeans or denim trousers of any kind
  • Cargo shorts/pants, cord or elastic top shorts.
  • T Shirts or shirts without a collar
  • Jogging and tennis shoes
  • Short sock with a company logo, coloured in any way or ankle length
  • Clothing with advertising that is not directly related to sponsorship of golf – clothing manufacturers’ logo excepted.