Course Care

All players, regardless of whether they are carrying their own clubs, using a buggy or riding in a golf cart, are required to carry a sand bucket to repair any unfilled divots through the green. When repairing a divot, care needs to be taken to ensure that the sand does not rise above the height of the surrounding grass.

Repairing Pitch Marks on the Green

When on the putting green, players are requested to watch for and repair any pitch marks. They need to particularly identify and repair any pitch mark made by their own ball in play and if time permits those made by other. If unsure as to the correct method of repairing pitch marks, players should watch the video below. Avondale Pitch tools are available from Reception.

Pull Buggies

Pull buggies are not to be taken across greens/green collars, or within a 5 meters of any green surface to assist in the prevent of a Poa Annua breakout on the new greens.


Entry into and exit from bunkers should always be from the shallow end of the bunker. Upon leaving the bunker, players need to ensure that all foot marks and divots are raked over and that the rake is placed outside the bunker, aligned with the direction of play but out of the line of play.

Practice Fairway

When using the practice fairway and chipping green, the following procedures apply:-

  • Players may only use a club that will cause the ball to travel 175 metres. This includes the distance the ball rolls;
  • Balls must not be hit from the fairway back towards the tee;
  • Practice is to cease when balls are being retrieved (other than by staff using the enclosed cart), when a player playing the 1st hole enters the practice fairway or when Course Staff are working on or crossing the practice fairway;
  • Practice of chip shots is confined to the chipping green at the end of the practice fairway. Chipping practice is not permitted onto or around the practice putting green in front of the Clubhouse;
  • If the practice green is being used for chipping practice, players practicing from the tee must ensure that they use clubs that will not allow them to reach players who are practicing in that area;
  • When walking from the practice chipping green to the tee, players are to use the pathway
  • Hit only from the practice mats, or the grass area if this is the designated practice area;
  • Yellow range balls are available during the publicised opening hours. Members are not permitted to use their own supply of balls on the practice fairway (other than for chipping or bunker practice at the chipping green);
  • The practice fairway is closed when the course is closed and when the range close sign is erected in-front of the hitting bays.

Use of Golf Carts

The driver shall at all times drive the Golf Cart in a responsible manner and ensure compliance with the following requirements:-

  • Driver must sign hire agreement form at the Professional Shop
  • Driver must have a current driver’s licence
  • No more than 2 persons to ride in or on a Cart
  • Feet to be kept inside vehicle
  • Carts are to be driven slowly down hills
  • Brake on the Cart is to be set when stopped
  • Carts are not to be driven within 5 metres of any green, tee or bunker
  • Carts are not to be driven within the treeline
  • Carts must only be driven on the fairways, paths and light rough
  • All operating instructions displayed in the Cart must be complied with

Disregard of the above requirements may result in the Cart being withdrawn (with no refund of the hiring charge) and additional action taken by the Board, including seeking compensation from the Hirer for the cost of any repairs.

Carts may be used for all golf rounds, but priority will be given to Members who have a medical certificate justifying their use. Members requesting the use of a Cart ofor Major Championship or Match Play events will require a medical certificate and prior approval of the Match Committee.

Members should make a booking for a cart on days that they know they will require one.