Published on 14th September 2020

Local Rules Update – Immovable Obstruction

Please note the following addition to the Local Rules at Avondale:

5.2 Immovable Obstructions

“All nylon mesh visible in worn areas of turf. Relief is available for interference to ball, or area of swing, only. There is no relief for stance-only interference.”

Below is a picture of the nylon mesh. The mesh is visible in worn areas of turf and is leftover from when turf has been laid on the course. It is mostly found in shaded areas and around the base of a tree. The relief area is one club-length from the reference point and the ball dropped must be in and come to rest in the relief area. It must be in the general area and is not nearer to the hole than the reference point. 

For clarification on Immovable Obstructions and the correct relief procedures, please don’t hesitate to speak to any member of the Match Committee or the Golf Operations Manager. Click here to view the Local Rules which can also be found on the Local Rules Noticeboard outside the Proshop. 

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