Published on 31st August 2020

Local Rules Update – Preferred Lies

As of Wednesday 2 September, the temporary local rule allowing preferred lies in the entire general area will be withdrawn and replaced with the following new temporary local rule:

5cm Preferred Lies in the General Area
A ball lying in a closely mown area, being fairways, green surrounds and tees may be marked, lifted, cleaned and replaced in the general area within 5cm of its original position, no nearer the hole, without penalty. The ball may only be lifted and placed once before each stroke. 

Please note that the general area excludes penalty areas, bunkers, and the putting green of the hole being played. There are no preferred lies in these areas. 

“Closely mown” means an area that was cut to fairway height or less during the summer months. The areas of the green surrounds and teeing areas are closely mown. An area in which the ball lies is not “closely mown” only because the area is worn or without turf cover. For example, bare patches in the rough, bush or tree line are not closely mown. 

Mark Bayliss
Club Captain

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