The following measures will become effective at Avondale from Sunday March 22 until further notice:

1.                Flagstick: The recommendation is to leave the flagstick in at all times. However, this is not a requirement. If a player wishes to have the flagstick removed, the player will take responsibility for the removal and replacement of the flagstick. Players in the group are permitted to remove the flagstick at their discretion.

2.                Bunkers: Rakes will be removed from all bunkers. It is recommended that players smooth the bunkers with their feet and or their club. It is recognised that bunkers may not be smoothed as effectively as when rakes are used. Accordingly, preferred lies are permitted in bunkers. A player may place the ball within 1 club length, no nearer the hole. A player may not alter the condition of the sand in preparation for the ball placement. It is the responsibility of the exiting player to ensure the bunker is left in a satisfactory condition for the next player.

3.                Scorecards: Each player must collect their own card from the pro shop. Each player is responsible to record his / her own score on their card. At the completion of the round the player will verbally confirm the scores with the marker and upon confirmation the player will initial the space on the scorecard which is designed for the marker’s signature. The computer will not accept the card without signatures and or initials in both the player’s and the marker’s space. The player should also record the marker’s score to assist in the post round confirmation of their score. This practice will ensure that only the player is handling his or her own card.

Match Committee

Avondale Golf Club