Published on 30th May 2016

Light Meters on Putting Greens

A light meter situated on a putting green is an immovable obstruction. It must not be moved.

If a ball lies on the putting green and the light meter interferes with the line of putt, you must lift and place the ball at the nearest point of relief from such interference, no nearer the hole. The nearest point of relief may be off the putting green.

Given the fragile nature of the light meters, if a light meter is in the line of play for a stroke from within 30 metres from the green and there is reasonable likelihood that the ball may strike the light meter, the ball must be lifted and dropped at a point, no nearer the hole and not on the putting green or in a hazard, that reasonably eliminates this likelihood.

If a ball does strike a light meter and the player did take the necessary relief provided above, they are entitled to replay the shot without penalty at their option, in which case the ball should be placed as close as possible to the spot from where the last stroke was played which provides a similar lie.

Penalty: If available relief provided above is not taken and the ball strikes the light meter the player incurs a penalty of two strokes and must continue to play the ball from where it lies.

Any such strike must be reported to the office.

Filed under: Local Rules