Local Rules

As previously announced, the temporary local rule allowing preferred lies on the mown portion will be withdrawn with effect from the commencement of play on Saturday 7 September. On Saturday, and in all following competition events, the ball must be … Read More

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This can also be found on the Local Rules Board outside the Proshop. 

Please click here for further information relating to the Preferred Lies Temporary Local Rule commencing Thursday 6 June.

Please click here to view information regarding red penalty areas at Avondale.

Please click here for the Avondale Local Rules and applicable Model Local Rules after implementation of the modernisation changes.

Please click here to view the local rule regarding Course Staff Working in Bunkers

Please click here to view a summary of the Rules Modernisation chnages effective 1 January 2019.

*Will come into play when the course re-opens*

On the 15th hole, in addition to the relief provided by Rule 26, under penalty of one stroke, a player may drop a ball in the closest drop zone to where the … Read More

A light meter situated on a putting green is an immovable obstruction. It must not be moved.

If a ball lies on the putting green and the light meter interferes with the line of putt, you must lift and place the … Read More