Local Rules

The fairway bunker project is now complete, with fairway bunkers on Holes 6, 9, 12 and 14, receiving capillary concrete and new sand. 

These bunkers and a small area surrounding the bunkers are marked as Ground Under Repair (GUR) and … Read More

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Please note the addition of the local rule allowing relief from Pop Up Sprinklers

If a ball lies above a recessed pop up sprinkler, or … Read More


“If a ball is in the penalty area left of the teeing grounds and path on the 15th hole, including when it is known or virtually certain that a ball that has not been found came … Read More

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Please note the addition of the following: 

Optional Relief from Interference by Recent Course Work Relief from interference by recent course work is provided as follows:

Drainage work 3rd and … Read More

Please note the following addition to the Local Rules at Avondale:

5.2 Immovable Obstructions

“All nylon mesh visible in worn areas of turf. Relief is available for interference to ball, or area of swing, only. There is no relief for … Read More

The temporary local rule allowing preferred lies in the closely mown area will be withdrawn with effect from the commencement of play on Wednesday 9 September.

The ball must be played as it lies.

However, the following temporary local … Read More

As of Wednesday 2 September, the temporary local rule allowing preferred lies in the entire general area will be withdrawn and replaced with the following new temporary local rule:

5cm Preferred Lies in the General Area A ball lying in … Read More

A decision was made by the Match Committe today that effective from Friday 14 August, there will be 5cm preferred lies in the general area. 

Please click here for the updated Temporary Local Rules. 

Mark Bayliss Club Captain

The temporary COVID and Avondale Local Rules provide benefits to players. In this video, Club Captain Mark Bayliss and Lady Captain Libby Myles explain how to use them correctly. Click here to watch the video. 

Click here for a copy of the Temporary Local Rules in play at Avondale.