Local Rules

Temporary Local Rule

5cm Preferred Lies Through the Green

Effective Thursday 31 May

Given the winter conditions across the course, the following temporary local rule applies until further notice:

‘A ball lying through the green may be lifted, cleaned … Read More

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Please click here to view the permanent Avondale Local Rules

*Will come into play when the course re-opens*

On the 15th hole, in addition to the relief provided by Rule 26, under penalty of one stroke, a player may drop a ball in the closest drop zone to where the … Read More

Please click here to view the Conditions of Entry.

A light meter situated on a putting green is an immovable obstruction. It must not be moved.

If a ball lies on the putting green and the light meter interferes with the line of putt, you must lift and place the … Read More

Late last year, The R&A and USGA released a new Rule book that came into effect on 1 January. They provided the following summary of the major changes to the rules. Any player who continues to use a “long putter” … Read More